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Cyber Security


Virtual CISO

One of the most common defects my clients is the lack of security personnel. The reasons for this may be either lack of funds, difficulty to find the apt personnel or the belief that such a position is not necessary in the company

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Penetration Testing

There are chances that an attacker might gain access to your environment and use those systems for larger attacks into the network. Any sort of unauthorized access to the company resources using existing or new

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Application Testing

Our main aim is to provide a fully integrated innovative solution for the threats and emerging technologies. Our different approach makes sure that our security consultants are the best choice to help clients plan,

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Wireless Security

Wireless communication is essential in this highly interconnected digital age. However, Cyber adversaries today use various ways to infiltrate into network systems and steal data. Wireless technology provides smooth access

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Experience is necessary to acquire and analyze forensic evidence from various devices and sources. Our experts fit the bill perfectly. Our successful forensic investigations of devices like workstations, servers, laptops,

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Security Awareness

Cybercriminals rely on a lack of awareness among individuals to carry out cyberattacks. Security awareness training is the only way to make sure that your organization is completely safe against such attacks.

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