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A Wireless Penetration Test Can Help Expose Weakness And Secure The Organization’s Wireless Devices From Malicious Attacks

Wireless communication is essential in this highly interconnected digital age. However, Cyber adversaries today use various ways to infiltrate into network systems and steal data. Wireless technology provides smooth access without disruption, and effective corrective measures such as wireless penetration testing can help ensure this.
A wireless penetration test follows the same principles of wired penetration tests. Along with Wi-Fi, other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, DECT, and Z-wave can have penetration tests conducted upon them.
Rely On Us To Provide Quality Wireless Security
Besides cracking WEP and WPA passphrases on GPU clusters to break into wireless networks, our wireless penetration testing involves targeting the wireless infrastructure and devices that your organization’s workers use.
Our penetration testing mitigates the risks involved in employees bringing their own devices to work. The services we provide extend to establishing wireless access points configured with the highest level of security, thereby spoofing the wireless network that the users connect to. Thus, we trick such wireless devices to connect to our system, allowing access to the organization’s data stored in these devices. Such actions improve your company’s security posture as we rectify issues detected.
Benefits / Return on Investment (ROI)
The easiest way for an attacker to access your network is through wireless access points. The free nature of wireless signals increases touch points an attacker can use to break into your network. It is easy for an attacker to compromise your facility remotely- from a nearby park, hotel, a parked vehicle etc. Through our wireless Penetration Test, a report-card type of rating on a scale of 1-10 about the security of your wireless access points is generated. We provide guidance on how to improve your overall security rating to control the risk.
Benefits of wireless penetration testing
Our wireless penetration testing can be useful to your organization in various ways. It can-
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