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The National In-Country Value (ICV) Program is an initiative launched by the UAE government, designed to bolster economic growth and support domestic industries by channeling a larger share of public expenditure into the nation’s economy.

Key Features of ICV Program

The program aims to enhance the UAE's economic performance by promoting the development of local industries and reducing reliance on imports.
By directing more public spending towards domestic businesses, the ICV program helps stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities for UAE citizens.
The ICV Program encourages businesses to source goods and services locally, increasing demand for domestically-produced products and fostering a self-sustaining economy.
The program also focuses on building a skilled workforce, encouraging knowledge transfer, and driving innovation within local industries.

The National In-Country Value (ICV) Program is a strategic initiative that seeks to strengthen the UAE’s economy and support its domestic industries, contributing to long-term growth and prosperity.
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