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UAE Issues warning over cyber attacks4 min read

Author: Remesh Ramachandran
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The UAE Cybersecurity Council has issued a warning over the threat of cyber-attacks in the country. The council called on public and private sectors to exercise the utmost caution against any cyber-attacks that may target the national digital infrastructure and assets.
The Council demanded the public and private entities to activate the cyber emergency response system in cooperation with the competent authorities in order to share data in order to prevent possible malicious attacks.
The Council emphasized the importance of confronting various cyber-attacks by vital sectors, in addition to activating protection systems and cyber security policies and raising the awareness of the authorities about any suspicious electronic activities that may harm their systems.
The United Arab Emirates is adopting the best standards and practices of safe digital transformation and protection of the national digital infrastructure and space.
Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security for the Government, stated that the UAE Cyber Security Council cooperates with its partners in preventing more than 50,000 cyberattacks per day, which target strategic national sectors.
Al Kuwaiti said that the banking, financial, health, oil and gas sectors are the most targeted, noting that all attacks are countered proactively and efficiently, to protect the country’s digital sphere.

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