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Mandatory Bookkeeping Requirements in Dubai5 min read

Author: Uwe Hohmann
Managing Partner, MBA Tax Law / Commercial- & Tax Consultant

Under UAE Federal Law and Federal Tax Authority (FTA)  regulations, all companies and taxable persons in Dubai are required to maintain proper books of accounts and financial records. This includes maintaining documents such as annual accounts, general ledgers, purchase records, invoices, VAT ledgers, etc., for at least five years. Failure to comply with these bookkeeping requirements can result in penalties starting from AED 5,000. Businesses must ensure that their bookkeeping and accounting practices comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local laws. The responsibility for preparing and maintaining accurate financial records lies with the company’s management.

How Does Bookkeeping Help With Tax Compliance In Dubai

Maintain Accurate Financial Records: Bookkeeping services ensure all financial transactions are properly recorded and categorized according to tax regulations. This provides the detailed data needed for accurate tax filing.

Stay Up-to-Date with Tax Laws: Bookkeepers are knowledgeable about the latest tax laws and regulations in Dubai, such as Corporate Income Tax compliance. They can help businesses adapt their bookkeeping practices to meet evolving taxation requirements.

Streamline Tax Preparation: By organizing financial data through bookkeeping, businesses can more efficiently prepare and file their Corporate Income Tax (CIT) files, which reduces the risk of errors or missed deadlines.

Ensure Compliance: Proper bookkeeping helps businesses comply with tax laws and avoid penalties. Bookkeepers can also assist with tax registrations, deregistrations, and other compliance tasks.

Improve Tax Planning: Detailed bookkeeping records allow businesses to analyze their financial data better and plan for tax obligations. This enables more strategic tax management and potential savings.


How TME Services Can Support Your Business

For businesses in Dubai, outsourcing bookkeeping services is generally the more practical, cost-effective, and compliant option compared to maintaining an in-house accounting and bookkeeping team.

With over 18 years of expertise in Accounting and Bookkeeping in Dubai, our dedicated team guarantees your financial records are maintained to the highest standards.

TME Services also specializes in legal, tax, and compliance matters. Visit our services page to learn more about everything we do.


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