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Dubai Businesses Witness Fastest Hiring Rate in Eight Years6 min read

Author: Derya Bandak
Managing Partner Attorney at German Law

Dubai’s business landscape, particularly in sectors like retail, construction, and tourism, has seen a significant uptick in employment rates, marking the fastest growth in over eight years. This surge in hiring throughout February is closely tied to an increase in new orders and consumer demand, according to the latest Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data from S&P Global. The city’s non-oil private sector showcased its strongest performance since May 2019, attributed to higher activity growth spurred by favorable market conditions and successful sales initiatives.

Accelerated Hiring and Economic Growth

The data from S&P Global highlights a marked improvement in Dubai’s hiring practices, with companies expanding their staff numbers at the swiftest pace in eight and a half years. This rapid expansion in February follows a period of relatively subdued hiring activity, as businesses navigated through various challenges, including cost management and the adjustment to new corporate tax requirements.

Sector-Specific Trends

– Construction and Project Management: These sectors continue to see growth in job creation, driven by robust off-plan growth and the launch of new projects.

– Real Estate: The sector benefits from sustained activity, thanks to new launches and continued interest in off-plan properties.

– Travel and Tourism: With a promising start to the quarter, this sector anticipates another strong performance, buoyed by an uptick in travel and tourism activities.

– Retail: The retail sector’s hiring trends have been mixed, with the introduction of new businesses balancing out job losses in some established companies.

Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) Insights for February

The Dubai PMI stood at 58.5 in February, its joint-strongest reading since 2015, equalling the performance seen in May 2019. The PMI is a comprehensive indicator that reflects business spending patterns, new orders, operational costs, and hiring activity, alongside capturing business sentiment regarding short-term prospects. February’s robust PMI underscores the rapid growth of Dubai’s non-oil economy, placing it among the fastest-growing worldwide. According to  S&P Global, the strength in output and new order volumes, coupled with an influx of new clients and heightened demand, signifies a resilient post-pandemic recovery for Dubai’s non-oil sector.

TME Services: Your Gateway to the Middle East

The recent surge in hiring and economic growth in Dubai, particularly in sectors like retail, construction, tourism, and real estate, indicates a robust and expanding business environment. For Europeans considering moving to or establishing a company in Dubai, this trend suggests a welcoming and fertile ground for new ventures and employment opportunities, underpinned by favorable market conditions and a post-pandemic recovery. The city’s strategic efforts to diversify its economy and the rapid growth indicated by the latest PMI data offer a promising outlook for long-term business success and professional growth in the region.

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